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  • Welcome to International Conference on Advancements in Aeromechanical Materials for Manufacturing
    7th -9th July 2016

    ( ICAAMM-2016 )

Theme of Conference

     The last 100 years has seen an exponential growth in the development of Efficient, Faster, Lighter, Sustainable Aeromechanical members by using fast, flexible and cost efficient materials and manufacturing strategies. A close relationship exists between Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering with many areas overlapping between them. The advancement in one branch of engineering has a cascading effect leading to advancements in the other branch of Engineering.

    In recent years, smart and composite materials have become increasingly important due to their remarkable properties and continuous growth of their areas in practical applications. Nano-materials research takes a materials science-based approach to nanotechnology, leveraging advances in materials and synthesis which have been developed in support of micro-fabrication research. In the last decades significant changes in the manufacturing environment have been noticed with markets asking for products with higher quality at lower costs, highly customized and with short life cycle. In these circumstances, the challenge is to develop manufacturing control systems with intelligence capabilities, fast adaptation to the environment changes and more robustness against the occurrence of disturbances. This has given rise to Agile/Intelligence additive Manufacturing.

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Authors can Submit their full papers and Register for conference by paying a late fee of Rs. 500/- from May 1 to May 15, 2016.

We are also conducting a poster presentation event at the conference, anybody interested in presenting posters can contact convener ICAAMM.
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